Supply List for 2020 School Year



Grades 6,7,8  ( Mr. Stoltz)

*Christian Worship (hymnal) *NIV Bible

*Luther’s Catechism (2017 NIV) *1 Handheld pencil sharpener

*8 or more #2 black pencils 

*1pkg. Cap erasers

*1 Pink  Eraser

*2 Red Pens

*1 scissor (Fiskars) adult size

*1 Crayola Crayons boxes (24 count)

*2 jumbo –  Glue Sticks

*1 boxes of classic washable, broad Crayola Markers (must have black) 

*1 highlighter pen

*1 Colored pencil set (24 set)

*1- 4oz. Elmer’s glue (not gel)

*1  plastic shoe box sized tote

*1 package (3X5) lined index cards

*5 wide line or college, spiral notebooks (70ct)

*1 composition notebook-not spiral or perforated

*3 pack college lined loose paper 

*2- 3 ringed binder (1-1in.)(1-1.5in)

*1 pk. of divider sheets (10 count)

*3 boxes of Kleenex

*3 container of wet wipes (80 count) 

*1 pkg of 3x3 or smaller sticky notes

*2 folder with pockets with prongs 

*5 folders with pockets

*1 ruler (in/cm)

*1 Standard only Calculator

*1 mouse (optional)

*1 art shirt

*1 roll of paper towels

*gym shoes (non marking)


6th-8th Families: Each 6-8 student must have gym clothes to change into for phy ed.  A change of shorts, school sponsored T-shirt(if questions please contact Mr. Stoltz), gym socks, and shoes for each phy ed day, Monday and Wednesday.  Students will be given time to change and will be expected to not wear these gym clothes to and from school. 

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade

Our classroom offers a great experience in a multi-grade setting. The students have a more middle school approach with multiple teachers teaching a wide varitey of classes.  We refer to this as departmentalized teaching.  The students enjoy a wide variety of extra curricular activites that include some but not limited to: sports, drama, yearbook, school store, choir, band, piano lessons, and acedemic areas.  All of these experinces give our sixth through eighth students a well rounded education.

Lead Teacher - Principal David Stoltz