Supply List for 2020 School Year

Grades 3,4,5  (Mrs. Schmidt)

*Christian Worship Hymnal

*NIV Bible

*1 handheld pencil sharpener

*8 or more #2 black pencils (no mechanical)

*1 pen - green ink

*1 pink eraser

*1 Crayola crayons box (24 count)

*1 jumbo glue stick

*1 box of classic washable, broad Crayola markers (must have black) 

*1 highlighter- any color

*1 colored pencil set (24 set)

*1 scissor (Fiskars) adult/large kid size

*1   4oz. Elmer’s glue (not gel)

*1 ruler (in/cm)

*1 plastic shoe box sized tote

*1 pkg of 3x3 or smaller sticky notes

*1 pkg of flags or arrows sticky notes


*1 three ringed binder (1in.) full of  wide lined paper     :)

*1 wide-lined spiral notebook (70ct)

*1 composition notebook, not spiral or perforated 

*4 plastic pocket folders with prongs 

1 blue with 50 sheets of paper 

1 green  with 25 sheets

1 yellow with 25 sheets

1 your choice with no paper

*2 plastic pocket folders (no prongs)

*1 pack of wide lined loose leaf paper 

*1 mouse (optional)

*1 art shirt

*gym shoes (non marking)

*1 box of Kleenex 

*2 pkg of disinfectant wipes

*3rd graders - 1 box of plastic spoons

*4th graders - 1 roll of paper toweling

*5th graders - 1 box of plastic forks



Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade

Grades 3-5 is a classroom facilitated using  a workshop model.  All levels begin as a whole group to study a basic concept after which small groups break off for differentiation.  This allows for groups to be established based on ability rather than grade and age.

Cross age interaction is another feature of the room.  The students enjoy the blessing of regularly going to an assisted living facility to share their love of Christ. Being paired with 3K and 4K students for reading buddies encourages positive role modeling for all.  The students in this classroom also experience a middle school atmosphere in the afternoons in which departmentalization is used. This allows for the teachers to teach to their strengths and the students to enjoy moving to different classrooms for different subjects.  

Lead Teacher - Mrs. Sharon SchmidtSharon Schmidt