Crown of Life greets you with a warm welcome!

We look forward to sharing worship with you and getting aquainted during our worship services.

About Our Worship

Our Worship Team takes seriously the weekly task of providing worship that sets Christ Jesus as Savior at center stage. We place a high value on the way Christians have worshipped for centuries and model their patterns. At the same time we look to embrace new styles and settings that our Heavenly Father is presently giving to his Church in the interest of telling the news of his Son to every soul.

In order to do that, we offer a rotating set of service orders that vary in style, but not in content. In the course of a few weeks you may experience the use of organ sound, a piano, guitars and other strings, brass and reed instruments, percussions of all kinds, hymns that are 500 years old, as well as songs that are relatively new. You might worship on a quiet evening with a few, or on a festive morning with a crowd. But the fabric of what we call "liturgy" (as seen below) will always be noticeable, and it will always have the goal of sharing Christ.


Invocation (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)Christmas Worship Services 2017

Confession of Sins & Absolution/ Forgiveness of Sins

Prayers of Preparation

Hymns/ Songs/ Psalms

Planned Lessons from God's Word

Sermon (A timely Bible message prepared by the pastor for the local congregation)

Prayers for All People

Offerings (monetary, musical, and otherwise)

Lord's Supper (Communion)

Closing Blessing